The Butterfly Group

3 to 4 year-old classroom

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Butterfly Principles

The Butterfly group is the classroom for children who are 3 years old. The small group time has an enrollment of 8 children, which keeps the group small and personal, yet gives children opportunities to play with a other 3 year-olds as they learn to play cooperatively and develop a tolerance of other people and their ideas through play.

  • Children are developing new friendships and enjoy group activities.
  • Dramatic play: dress up is a favorite activity and becomes more elaborate as children's imagination really starts to blossom.
  • Children are becoming more independent in caring for themselves: getting dressed, using the bathroom independently, serving themselves at meal times.
  • “Job helper” duties are assigned each day as children love to be in charge.
  • Art projects are becoming more representational as children's fine motor skills are developing and they are gaining control over their fingers and hands.
  • Stories and books are still a favorite activity and children love to “read” the stories or act them out.  They are beginning to recognize letters and words in the book and around the classroom.
  • Mathematical concepts are developed as they practice numbers and play with the materials in the classroom: building towers 7 high, matching 3 cookies, finding 7 worms in the garden, etc.
  • Improving patience and ability to follow directions by playing games where it is important to wait your turn and follow the rules of the game.
  • Lots of time on the playground and in unstructured settings to encourage the development of the large motor skills, enjoyment of the outdoors, and discovery of the natural world.

butterfly teacher

Ms. Teresa


in the photos

Alphabet learning incorporated with art projects. Encouraging inquiry with fun color and volcano experiments. Practicing cooperation and collaboration to learn about measuring.