The environment at Creek is set up to accommodate the needs of children.  It is our belief that where most needs are met most of the time, the child will feel secure enough to be able to cooperate when requested.  We provide an environment which is developmentally appropriate for each child: one which is challenging without being frustrating.  Children are encouraged to make choices according to their interests.  

Learning inside, outside, and in the community

Play is fundamental to learning in the preschool years. We create stimulating envirnoments inside the classroom and outside on the playground. We also believe it's important to take kids into the community to see how the world around them works, so we organize a number of field trips each year.


Classroom sizes are small with a low child-to-teacher ratio. Children receive lots of individualized attention. While students are placed in classrooms based on their age, different ages mix together at times throughout the day giving the kids a chance to interact and learn from each other.


A large grassy playground provides ample opportunity for active outdoor play. The playground includes open grassy spaces, a sandbox, climbing structures, swings, and a natural wooded canopy area. During the growing season, children help with planting and tending to Creek's vegetable garden and recently planted fruit trees.


Exploring is an important way to learn. We believe children should explore the real world to understand and feel a part of the community.