Parent Handbook & Policies

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We support and encourage parental involvement in the program and activities at Creek. For reference, key policies are included below. A copy of the entire handbook of policies may be downloaded here as well.

Creek Day School Parent Handbook (PDF)


We support and encourage parental involvement in the program and activities at Creek. Social gatherings are planned several times a year to provide families with an opportunity to become more familiar with each other and the Center. Creek is open to parents for visits and we welcome helpers for field trips, lunch visits, or special occasions. The Board of Directors serves as a channel for interested parents to become involved in the decision-making policies at Creek. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all parents.

Parents are required to perform 5 hours of volunteer service for Creek annually. This can be accomplished through attendance at parent workdays, assisting on field trips or in the classroom or helping with special projects as needed. A fee will be charged to families who choose not to participate in these activities.

Parents are informed of the activities at Creek through a daily classroom report, regular newsletters and a monthly activity calendar. On the Parent Information Board there is information pertaining to Licensing including the last licensing visit report, minutes from past Board of Director’s meetings, USDA food program information and the weekly menu, and other program information.

A copy of Creek’s DHFS childcare license and the City of Madison Accreditation certificate are posted in the Playroom.

Daily activity policies


Parents must send a complete extra set of clothing, labeled with the child’s name, and replace it as needed. These will be stored in the child’s cubby. Soiled clothing will be returned for your care.

We suggest that children attend wearing play clothes in which they will be comfortable as they proceed through an active day. Creek provides opportunities for exploration which are stimulating, but may be messy. We feel that such activities are important at this age and ask that children be dressed in clothing that they will not have to fear soiling. We do provide smocks, but accidents happen. Shoes are particularly important. Comfortable shoes with ties or straps provide more safety as the children go through an active day which includes running and climbing.


We ask that children refrain from bringing toys from home. There is a rich supply of materials and toys available to children at Creek. Learning to share materials and play together is an important part of a child’s development, and a difficult task.  Having personal items sometimes results in unnecessary conflicts.

The exception that we make is for Show and Tell. On Show and Tell day, we encourage children to bring an item of interest which they can show to the rest of the class. We ask that parents discuss the item with the child beforehand (where it came from, what it is used for, etc.). In sharing information with others, the child develops descriptive language skill and sense of self-confidence when speaking in front of others. The child may choose to play with and share the item throughout the day.  If s/he feels uncomfortable doing this, the item can be kept in the child’s cubby after show and tell.

We are not responsible for lost toys. We discourage war play at school. We ask that toy guns, knives and other weapons not be brought to school.


Children will have a nap each afternoon.  Children who wake early or are awake after resting for 30 minutes will be allowed to choose quiet activities. Please provide a blanket for naptime which will be sent home weekly for washing. Feel free to send a comfort item for naptime.


We play outside each day as part of our daily routine.  Please provide clothing that is appropriate for the weather.  We use the following guidelines for outside play:


  1. The temperature (including wind chill) must be above zero degrees.
  2. Children will be dressed to ensure that they stay warm and dry.  Please provide jacket, snowpants, hat, scarf, and waterproof mittens.


  1. Children will not play in direct sunlight if the temperature is above 90 degrees.
  2. Children will be protected with sunscreen (provided by parent) and protective clothing and hats when playing outside.


Children at Creek regularly go on field trips as a part of the program. Children walk, are transported by City bus, ride a chartered bus or may ride with parent volunteers to places of interest within the community. Notice of field trip destination and times of departure and return are given to parents prior to the scheduled date. If you child does not participate in the field trip, other arrangements for care should be made.


To keep the environment healthy for the children and staff at Creek we follow these precautions:

  1. Hand-washing before and after meals and snacks, and whenever dirty.
  2. Preventing the transmission of airborne germs through the use of tissues for wiping noses or coughing and washing hands afterwards.
  3. Hand-washing after handling pets.
  4. Sanitizing toys on a regular basis (immediate removal if mouthed).
  5. Sanitizing classroom surfaces when they become dirty.
  6. Staff will follow universal precautions as defined by OSHA when exposed to blood or any bodily fluid.


Children who are ill are not allowed to be in attendance. Any child who shows symptoms of illness while at Creek will have their parent (guardian) called.  Arrangements must be made for the child to be removed from the Center within 1 hour.

Guidelines for exclusion from the Center are vomiting, diarrhea, any communicable disease (such as pink eye, strep throat, chicken pox) fever over 100 degrees, or the inability of the child to participate in daily activities.

Children may return to the Center when they are symptom-free or have been on medication for 24 hours.


Parents (guardians) are required to notify Creek when a child will be absent. If you have not notified the Center within 2 hours of the regular drop-off time, a staff member will call you at the designated notification number.


State law requires that no medication be administered to a child by the Center staff unless the following requirements are met:

Non-prescription drugs
Written information from the parent/guardian must provide:

  1. Name of the drug.
  2. Exact dosage to be administered.
  3. Clear directions for administration (times, with/without food, etc.)
  4. Medication must be in original container labeled with the child’s name.

Prescription drugs
Requires a prescription or note from the physician stating:

  1. Name of the drug.
  2. Exact dosage to be administered.
  3. Clear instructions for administration from the physician per the pharmacist.
  4. Medication must be in the original container with the child’s name.

Behavior policY


Formal evaluations of children occur annually. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled to provide a time for the teachers and parents to meet and discuss goals and share information regarding the child. Care is taken to ensure that information regarding children and families is treated confidentially.  Staff are readily available to parents to provide information about their child. We encourage parents to use the staff as a resource regarding their child’s development and behavior.


In the event of a complaint of a licensing regulation violation or a conflict regarding the procedures of Creek Day School, the director will meet with the Complainant within 24 hours to discuss the concern. A solution to the problem will be resolved using the Day Care Licensing Regulations, Chapter HSF 46 and the Creek Policy Manual as references. In the absence of the Director, the Complainant will give the Board President a written notice of the complaint. The Board of Directors will be responsible for the satisfactory resolution of the problem within one week of receipt of the written complaint. A copy of the written complaint will be sent to the Licensing and the City Accreditation units.