Enrollment Policy

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The center is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, according equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, creed, political persuasion, handicap, or national origin.


Creek is licenses to serve a maximum of 35 children ages 18 months through 8 years of age.


Parents are requested to make an appointment with the Director prior to enrolling their child at Creek.  At this time, parents will receive the necessary enrollment materials and have an opportunity to view the center.

Creek Day School Enrollment Packet (PDF)


The registration fee is required for each child for enrollment in the Center.  The fee is not refundable.  The enrollment fee serves as a hold for enrollment at a later date.


Upon enrollment there will be a one-month period of probation during which the adjustment of the child to the Center will be evaluated.  After this evaluation period the Center or parent/guardian may choose to terminate enrollment without financial penalty. For more information on termination of enrollment, please review the Parent Handbook.