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Hello, I’m Marge.

I am the Director at Creek Day School. I started as a teacher here in 1982, and a year later I assumed the role of Director. I graduated from the UW Madison in 1979 with a major in Child Development and Preschool/Kindergarten Education.  I remained in Madison, and began work at a childcare center which closed after a year, and then I moved over to Creek. 

My job is a little different each day, and that keeps me challenged.  I spend a part of each day with the children in the classroom, and getting to know each of them as individuals as well as their parents is the best  part of my job.

The program has seen a lot of changes over that time: the role that childcare plays in the community has evolved, there have been changes in the structure of families as Society has changed, and an explosion in research about how children learn during the early years of birth to age 5 has refined teaching methods.  But the one thing that has remained constant is the wonder and enthusiasm of young children as they learn about the world. 

My personal life includes my husband, 2 children and as assortment of pets on our “hobby” farm in Verona.  Working at home taking care of everybody and everything, or exploring new places keeps us busy when not at work or in school.

I would be happy to give you a tour of our school, please give me a call to make arrangements at 608-271-1921, thank you.